Human grade food for dogs, delivered straight to your door? Done!

PetPlate sets a new standard for the quality and care given in how we feed our pets, by providing a modern customized experience that is perfectly tailored to your pups specific needs. Just ask your dog :)

We migrated from a custom built ecommerce system onto a standardized Shopify Headless workflow, leveraging Hydrogen components alongside a unified design system to simplify and streamline our customer’s experience.

Site: PetPlate
Role: CTO
Technical Things: Next.js, React, RoR, Nodejs, Heroku, Turborepo


Wisdom Panel

Dogs + DNA. What more do you want? Dinos perhaps.

Wisdom Panel is the world’s largest Canine DNA platform and we rebuilt it from the ground up as a modern API driven web application with a fresh look and feel.

Utilizing a containerized monorepository enabled our team to quickly iterate with on demand infrastructure, doubling our velocity and completing the rebuild within five months.

Site: Wisdom Panel
Role: Head of Software Engineering
Technical Things: Ember, RoR, ES6, Nodejs, Heroku, Docker, Lerna



Lets face it, building mobile apps is a pain. I’ve literally made a career out of helping people build them. So we built Catalyst to ease that pain for companies looking to quickly provision apps.

We use a streamlined toolchain to go straight from a company’s content to a fully operational mobile app on the App Store & Google Play in two days.

We’re currently working with Ford, FCA, Magna, Dekra and others.

Site: Catalyst
Role: CTO / Co-Founder
Technical Things: React, React Native, RoR, JS, ES6, Nodejs, Heroku

Super Good

Super Good

After Trump was elected and our collective souls had left our bodies, we asked ourselves how we could contribute to society.

The answer was to take a few months off, collaborate with local creatives and build a donation aggregation platform that could adapt what it donated to on the daily.

Super Good raised $20,000 in two months which was donated across thousands of charities. It was also mentioned in AdAge.

Site: Super Good
Role: Co-Creator
Technical Things: Ember, ES6, Node, Firebase, Lambda, Semantic UI



Sometimes I take a vacation from startups, and have a little fun working for enormous corporations. These are some of those:

Nike, TED, Google, eBay, Nokia, Paypal, Harley Davidson, Reuters

Role: Freelance Technologist
Technical Things: iOS, Android, React, Angular, Ember, Node



Fox the News

We wanted to get a friend to broaden their reading habits. So we built FoxTheNews to automatically repackage stories from The New York Times and The Washington Post as Fox News articles.

In terms of success, an editor from WaPo briefly tweeted about us, then deleted the tweet. We were also blocked multiple times by both publications. A job well done.

Site: Fox The News
Role: Co-Creator
Technical Things: Node, Express, Yarn, Heroku, Cheerio, Redis




Sometimes companies do bad things that impact large groups of people. And when that happens, complex lawsuits known as Multi District Litigations occur.

Vrsus was purpose built to manage complex Multi District Litigations. The goal being the reduction of litigation time, which would result in faster outcomes and more compensation for those that where injured.

Role: CTO
Technical Things: React, RoR, JS, ES6, Node, Yarn, Heroku, GraphQL




To the everyday small business owner, international logistics isn’t something you normally think about. And for good reason, it’s a labyrinthian mess of fees, bills and general bureaucracy.

Fleet was built to simplify the international shipping process by providing a unified booking platform that quickly requests multiple quotes for shippers.

Acquired by: Expeditors
Role: CTO
Technical Things: RoR, JS, ES6, Bower, Heroku, Gulp, Bourbon




Applying a UXD centric startup mindset to healthcare applications isn’t a common approach to new products at large healthcare companies. And that is specifically what Pathfinder provides. Starting projects around lean canvas exercises and persona discussions, we reduced product timelines by 3x on average.

Role: Director of Engineering
Technical Things: iOS, Android, RoR, JS, Angular, Heroku, Ember




Residential real estate is an interesting space, with plenty of pay to play datasources. Commercial real estate is like that uncle that shows up every few holidays. You never quite know what’s about to happen.

That said, we set out to create a standardized / unified source of truth in the commercial real estate world with Brokersavant. And we did that by utilizing a combination of machine learning and crowd powered insights via AWS Mechanical Turk.

Role: CTO
Technical Things: RoR, JS, Heroku, AWS Mechanical Turk, OpenNLP



Aisle 50

People like daily deals and what’s more practical than daily deals on groceries? Aisle50 integrated with grocery store loyalty cards to offer deals directly at point of sale. The result was a seamless buying experience that blended with customers everyday habits.

After taking Aisle50 through Y Combinator, it was later acquired by Groupon.

Acquired by: Groupon
Role: CTO / Co-Founder
Technical Things: RoR, JS, Heroku, AWS, Redis, Bootstrap




Ah the glamorous world of reworking governmental infrastructure! At Citytech we rebuilt entire governmental systems at the City of Chicago that did things like: pay taxes, tow cars, route billions of dollars and lay out the city’s budget.

Role: Senior Consultant
Technical Things: Java, Groovy, Spring, Wicket, iOS



Carnegie Mellon

Ever wonder who the most powerful people at Enron were? Or how a terrorist cell would reorganize after losing a key member? Those are exactly the type of questions we tried to answer at the CASOS lab. We did this by employing NLP identification / generalization in order to visualize large networks of information.

Role: Research Programmer
Technical Things: Java, C++, JNI, Hibernate, NLP